Jesus came at just the right time as part of God's perfect redemptive plan. We experience God's perfect blessings as an integral part of that plan. 





Sunday School - 8:45am

12/24 at 6:00pm - CHRISTMAS EVE WORSHIP

MITTEN TREE - We are gathering socks, mittens, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. for the homeless to help them to deal with the cold this season. Please bring your contributions and we will take them to Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission.

CHRISTMAS CARDS - If you would like to send cards to the rest of our church family, please bring them in and we will have a table where you can set them up. At the Christmas program, people can pick them up. 

SECRET PRAYER PALS - If you are participating in our prayer pal ministry this season, please keep praying continuously and daily for your pal. And don't forget to send them a card near Christmas letting them know you have been praying for them.